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Mobile Nail Salon LLCAnn  321-720-5211   

Trusted Nail information for You

During my visit with you I will explore you nails  and feet for treatment of your finger nails and toe nails.  As a professional, we recognized your needs for your nails that you may not know about.  It is always my pleasure to assure you the best Manicure and Pedicure.  I only use the best products,  with proper sterizlization for your health.  I care for all my clients and give a  free first time client gift, just to say thank you for your business.

Manicure  push back cutiles, file, buff, trim, polish,  high gloss shine/ (massage) 40 mins



Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure- (Hands)

finger nails soaking into a mikly  almond oil/ file, trim, buff, exfoliate , masque,  hot towels,  hand massage- apply your favorite polish (Feet) - File, trim, Buff  ,medicated foot  masque  (hot towels applied, foot massage







Full set of Poly Gel nails (Natural look) Gel products- UV light, NO Drilling No smell of chemicals,light filing, no nail tips, just forms. Nail extensions .

Poly Gel FILL-  by Gelish,







$20 Shellac 

First Time Shellac- UV light, shellac base coat, select shellac polish or your any polish -finish off with shellac top coat -Done - you can place you hands into your purse immediately without a smudge.  40 mins- Manicure included


Shellac removal - 2 minute wraps removal  - -trim, buff 10 mins

$5 for shellac removal


Spa Pedicure- Trim, removal of cutiles, buff, file -Medicated masque, scrub, streamed hot towels applied,  followed by a  relaxing massage.  1 hour 15 minutes.


Callus treatment, peels away callus 3 minutes.


Medical pedicure:  Trim , file, drill, 1hr 45mins  This is for thick toe nails due to fungus. 







extra $10 




Medical pedicure



Manicure W/Shellac  CND gel polish/ French


$55/ French $10 extra

Spa Manicure - soak, file, buff, trim ,exfoliate with a skin rejuvenating treatment, hot towels w/masque, followed by massage- OPI polish


Shellac :  CND  Gel polish -extra







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