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Mobile Nail Salon LLCAnn  321-720-5211   
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 Mobile Nail Salon LLC,  In  Business, for Twenty Years. Licensed and insured. Retired.. Dental Assistant / Surgical/ Medical  Assistant .
-Full Time business owner -Mobile Nail Salon,LLC
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I COME TO YOU !!  Relax, and enjoy yourself, in the comfort of your own home.   My goal  is to provide you with the most rejuvenating manicure/pedicure, with top of line products. including, organic skin care by professional specialist, who care about your health.
It's not just  a manicure/pedicure , We are the specialist -  recognized as being the best!,  
All my  implements  are properly sterilized  for your health and protection.   All implements are properly sterilized, with an autoclave.  Cleaning  process, ultra sonic heating element, that cleans the implements before they are Autoclaved.  All implements are placed into a hospital  sterilizaional bags. Not just under a UV light.  All is wiped down with Sani Wipes . 
To assure no cross contamination-  You always will receive a brand new nail file, OR nail brush if used.  That is our gift to you- just to say thank you for your business.**  ALSO........... Vitamin E oil, or hemp lotion  for :
FIRST TIME CLIENTS, will recieve a FREE GIFT from your manicurist.
I will treat fungus, but usually refer you to a podiatrist if severe.  Dr. Shelly Garrow, or Dr. Simmons will be referred if necessary. 
  A severe fungus is called a medical pedicure - prices may vary. Please check the varies prices.
During your pedicure, I always do a Medicated foot masque, TRIM, FILE, DRILL, SCRUB APPLIED, FOLLOWED BY 
a blend of assorted lotions for a smooth, comfortable,
relaxing massage.  Streaming hot towels applied to your relaxing pedicure. Followed by  AN ANITBACTERIAL scrub.    Ask me about reflexology?! - I am always looking to improve my business, with the lastest products. We also have unscented lotions - for  people who have sensitive skin. We are here to  accommodate you, with all  your needs. If we don't have it, I we will get it.!   Its all about you!!
Looking forward to meeting you. *****  Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful Day!