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Mobile Nail Salon LLC Ann 321-720-5211
Mobile Nail Salon LLCAnn  321-720-5211   
I except all major credit cards
 Mobile Nail Salon LLC,  In  Business, for Twenty Years. Licensed and insured. Retired.. Dental Assistant / Surgical/ Medical  Assistant .
-Full Time business owner -Mobile Nail Salon,LLC
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I COME TO YOU !!  Relax, and enjoy yourself, in the comfort of your own home.   My goal  is to provide you with the most rejuvenating manicure/pedicure, with top of line products. including, organic skin care by professional specialist, who care about your health.
It's not just  a manicure/pedicure .    We are recognized as being the best!,  
All my  implements  are properly sterilized  for your health and protection.  We autoclaved all implements and have a ultra sonic heating element, that cleans the implements before they are Autoclaved.  placed in hospital  sterilizaional bags, not just under a UV light. Everything is wiped down with Sani Wipes . Streaming Towels for your Pedicure.
A therapeutic blend of assorted lotions for a smooth, comfortable,
relaxing massage.
To assure no cross contamination-  You always will receive a brand new nail file, OR nail brush if used.  That is our gift to you- just to say thank you for your business.**  ALSO........... Vitamin E oil, or hemp lotion  for :
FIRST TIME CLIENTS, will recieve a FREE GIFT from your manicurist.
I will treat fungus, but usually refer you to a podiatrist if severe. That's going to be, Dr. Shelly Garrow, located in Palm Bay.
  A severe fungus is called a medical pedicure - prices may vary. Please check the varies prices.
During your pedicure, I always do a Medicated foot masque with hot towels - also, a scrub.  Followed by a massage with many lotions to select from.  Ask me about reflexology?! - I am always looking to improve my business, with the lastest products. We also have unscented lotions - for  people who have sensitive skin. We are here to  accommodate you, with all  your needs. If we don't have it, I we will get it.!   Its all about you!!
Looking forward to meeting you. ***** There's always a party -   also we do weddings, and private parties for all occassions. Mother daughter, school, churches, etc..   Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful Day!